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Keith Tankard's Time Travellers tells the story of Bronnie's search for knowledge. She meets the mysterious Time Traveller who takes her on several mental adventures into the past.

Each book is a novella of three chapters (about 75 pages) and is available in pdf, epub and mobi formats (tell me your choice). The books sell at $3 each but at just $12 if you would like the entire set of six.

Be warned though. These are history books and, as with all history, they invite you to participate in the search for the truth, to accept nothing as real. They ask you to share with us the idea that the past is always a mystery, one of the greatest . . . and it is there to be enjoyed.

  1. Book 1: Creation Story. Bronnie explores the creation of the universe, the earth and the moon. She then examines plate tectonics, Pangaea and the evolution of life itself.

  2. Book 2: The Great Awakening. Examining the awakening of consciousness, Neanderthals and the rise of the first civilizations, exploring such problems as ice ages, the Younger Dryas and the Sphinx in Egypt.

  3. Book 3: Greatest Show on Earth. Bronnie explores the sensitive world of the Old Testament, Greek philosophy and the rise of Christianity.

  4. Book 4: The Medieval World. Explore with Bronnie the very exciting medieval times.

  5. Book 5: The Madness of Europe. To be announced.

  6. Book 6: Modern World. To be announced.

Other books available:

  1. Keith Tankard's Broken Promises: Sir George Grey's German settler schemes in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. 390 pages, pdf format. Price: $15.

We will soon also be offering essay length articles on various subjects. Each will cost $1. Watch this space.